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Welcome to website. is about how we believe real estate in Australia should be sold.

This site is about selling real estate in Australia. If you are looking to buy real estate in Australia and are looking for the largest listing of properties for sale try the real estate site

This is what we think about how real estate should be sold in Australia:-

We think the best way to sell a property is through a professional licensed real estate agent with a great marketing campaign.

  1. A great marketing campaign does not need to cost a lot. Photos of the actual real estate agent marketing the property are not needed. It is the house for sale that needs the marketing, not the agent. It should include a focus on the internet, and there should be a normal real estate agent sign out the front of the home. The marketing must include a listing on Google Real Estate.
  2. Real estate agents should never charge a customer large upfront marketing costs. Any extra fees payable for marketing or advertising should be modest and not thousands of dollars.
  3. The maximum real estate commission payable by a customer should be no more than One Percent plus gst.
  4. The licensed real estate agent listing the property must have at least three years sales experience.

In summary, we believe your property in Australia can be sold for a good price, and you don’t have to pay large commissions and, or fees, as long as you choose the right licensed real estate agent.

One Percent plus gst

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